Brener Investigations Group’s asset investigators, Certified Fraud Examiners and private investigators provide assistance on legal cases with dedication and vigor.  Court tested, detail orientated and professional asset investigators is who we are.  Our asset recovery investigations are successful because we understand the actions and patterns of bad debtors.  This comes from many years of experience chasing down bad debtors and fraudsters in Florida and New York City.

Judgments / Bad Debt

Brener Investigations Group have been locating assets, locating bank accounts, brokerage accounts and confirming employment for our clients in the U.S.A and abroad for over 20 years. Our proven and trusted techniques will put you on the way to collecting from judgment.  Our locates are accurate and guaranteed.

Spousal Support / Maintenance

Brener Investigations Group will work with either party to make sure that all obligations are met when alimony or maintenance is awarded. Our private investigators will provide facts for the court so that the judge can make the appropriate and fair determination.  Using proven techniques, we can locate hidden assets and confirm employment status.  If alimony or maintenance is awarded, our private investigators can be utilized when there is a suspicions of misuse of the support  or with issues of co-habitation.

Child Support

Our private investigators will work closely with our clients and the courts to investigate any issues relating to child support payments.  Whether support is not being provided, there needs to determination on the re-adjustment amount, misuse of support or any attempts by either party to hide assets or employment status.  We will provide facts that can be used and will stand up in a court of law.